Diamond Arm

Disruptive Trends

There are many unknowns about the trends below, due to their disruptive and avant-garde business models. This however opens many opportunities, since those who can master these can become very powerful. Below are various charts: rising trend is bullish/opportunistic, while declining trend is bearish/pessimistic. Bear in mind, that those below are a small selection of all the trends Diamond Arm monitors.

New Technologies

All indicators below are ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds), and are hence traded with real money in the market. These are some of the technological trends that will have a big impact on society. As you can see, even though these are very promising trends, their actual market performance has been volatile. 

Blockchain Revolution

The frist two below are ETF’s. All the other are cryptocurrencies compared against the USD, with rising trend being interpreted as bearish/pessimistic/negative about the strength of the USD vis-a-vis the cryptocurrency in question. Few adjectives are sufficient to describe the disruptive potential of blockchain.

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