Diamond Arm

Shining and sparkling... in the shadows

To uncover the trends that matter, you really have to look further and wider than the rest. Diamond Arm scans all key financial markets to find investing opportunities with the best risk/reward profile. If something big is about to happen, then you will hear it here long before it trickles down to MSM talking-heads. You can access these insights by subscribing to my research and/or requesting a personal consultation with me. Below is a brief introduction of areas of expertise:

I have found 67 megatrends that will create the next Fortune 500 companies, and spell disaster for those big incumbents unwilling to adapt. 

Not only do I study the common indicators, I have also created 31 proprietary themes that can give us early alerts about changes.

There are thousands of things to invest in, hence its all about separating the wheat from the chaff. That’s how you really supercharge returns.

Bulls and bears like to go on great migrations, every now and then, to find better pastures. Those rotations move markets in a big way!

Everything in nature moves in cycles; seasons, lifespan, and even financial markets. You can market-time how you invest, just like how you dress.

These markets are great places to enhance capital efficiency and manage risk; if used correctly. Its complexity can become your competitive edge. 

The only way to be truly diversified is to have an overall portfolio where positions are not too strongly correlated (statistically).

These kinds of objects beat the market long-term, because their scarcity create beneficial supply/demand dynamics, and they are anti-fragile. 

I think this will be more disruptive than the internet, and will unleash tremendous opportunities for farsighted investors. 

Money derive its value, not from price alone, but the network of people who trust it as a means to quantify value: network of transactions > price. 

I would argue that this is the most “real” financial product out there, since the underlying is nature itself. Hence, its important to understand it.

The essence of “fixed income” is to be paid yield (or dividend) just for holding a certain security, hence I also utilize options and deep dividend stocks.

I am the 33 yo behind Diamond Arm, and various other projects. By becoming a Diamond Arm client, you will work directly with me, and be able to form special business connections of ever increasing benefit. Its however a good idea to come to me early, since prices will increase as I grow this brand.

Before attaining my academic credentials, I worked in the healthcare sector. I later took a Bachelor in Political Science at NTNU, while simultaneously developing a new policy system I had started on in my early teens. My final academic studies (Master of Science) is from BI Norwegian Business School, where I wrote my thesis on “Compensation and Benefits”.