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The All-In-One Subscription

Are you missing the best opportunities, buying/selling “at the wrong time”, or struggle with the emotional side of investing? If YES, then you have come to the right place! Click here first to read the disclaimer, and invest in your skills today. This subscription is for ambitious investors hungry for success. You probably know that virtually no-one “beats the market” consistently, hence 99.9% of investing newsletters, fund mangaers etc. literally do not know what they are talking about. The purpose of Diamond Arm is to master the market like a scientist his lab.

Not only do you get useful courses about key topics (how find opportunities, executing, and managing them), get a top-tier watchlist covering the hottest trends, see how you can use AI as assistant, and you get to see my transparent investor journey (no bs!).

Track-record vis-a-vis 52 week lows (updated March 12): S&P500 (36%) vs. our Megatrend themes (94%), which is a 3X outperformance. Here is a small selection of superstars: Organ Transplants: 124% (theme), Expion360: 432% (stock), -2X Natural Gas ETF: 164% (leveraged ETF), and Biohacking: 651% (theme).

The longer you wait, the more trends you miss

Online Courses

These cover a range of topics important for investors. Better than that, you are able to influence what I make videos about. What would you like?

AI for Finance

Access AI’s fine-tuned for finance tasks, and learn how to effectively prompt AI. Many are amazed by the possibilities! You also get other custom-made AI’s.


Excel Watchlist

You get access to a watchlist covering the most interesting themes in the financial markets. We are talking about Megatrends and more…

Frequently asked questions

Do you have sales or free trials?

I dont run sales, since my audience are smart traders that would make that “sale-price” the new price. Price might go up, so lock-in your price today! You get a 7-day trial when subscribing. 

Who is this for? How much experience should I have?

Subscribers range from inexperienced youth, all the way to seasoned hedge fund managers. What everyone have in common is a strong desire to become more wealthy and influential.

Are you skilled? Can I see your track-record?

I have published many analyses on YouTube, and I feel confident they will answer in the affirmative. Unlike 99,9% I actually publish videos where I can be wrong, which makes me better at it!

How would your ideas perform in a bear market?

I am a proponent of market-neutral portfolios that profit regardless of what happens. That is why I present opportunities across financial markets; highlighting both bullish and bearish strategies. 

How is the content delivered to clients?

Everything is uploaded to YouTube (unlisted), and its very easy to navigate and view the videos there. More, their site is conveniently optimized for tablets and mobiles. 

What is your background?

Academically: Master of Science from BI Norwegian Business School, and Bachelor in Political Science from NTNU. Professionally: Investing, consulting, start-ups and philanthropy. 

What is in the "watchlist"?

This is the Excel file you see in my videos. It tracks all the key financial markets; forex, cryptos, fixed income, sectors, natural resources, and thematic investing portfolios (68 megatrends, 36 economic signals, and 9 bonus themes). The opportunity-cost of not subscribing is far higher than the monthly fee, and this Excel file alone is worth the price.

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