The longer you wait, the more trends you miss

Annoyed by the great investment opportunities you missed? Those “could have, should have, would have’s” are the worst! Sure, you could spend countless hours (after work) searching for the best opportunities across financial markets, though most just don’t have the time for that. How about outsourcing that to a full-time specialist like Diamond Arm? Hear about the next big trends before they go mainstream!

My trend research presents so many great ideas that I don’t think you will ever unsubscribe. I have identified the trends and themes that will create the next Fortune 500 companies. Indeed, smart people spend good money on great information, because it makes the difference.

Subscribe now… the longer you wait, the more opportunities you miss! The performance below certainly speaks for itself.

Track-record vis-a-vis 52 week lows (updated February 21): S&P500 (79%) vs. our Megatrend themes (534%), which is a 5,7X outperformance. Here is a small selection of our best winners: Blockchain: 4,820% (theme), Riot Blockchain: 13,859% (stock), +3X Retail ETF: 1,671% (leveraged ETF), and Holograms: 3,792% (theme).

Financial Newsletter

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  • Trend Report (Weekly)
  • Excel Watchlist (Weekly)
  • Special Report (Monthly)

This is arguably one of the best performing financial/investment newsletters out there, with an unparalleled range of thematic portfolios. Not only are you presented with the most lucrative opportunities every Sunday, but I also publish monthly deep-dive studies and educational material. If you want to get early intel, and discover how hedge funds create alpha, then subscribe now. You get the following:

Excel Watchlist: This is the Excel file you see in my videos, and tracks key financial markets; forex, cryptos, fixed income, sectors, natural resources, and thematic investing portfolios (67 megatrends, 31 economic signals, and 9 bonus themes). The opportunity-cost of not subscribing is far higher than the monthly fee, and this Excel file alone gives more intel than most (or all) other financial newsletters.

Trend Report: In essence, this weekly report (PDF) is about market timing. I will present 10 lucrative opportunities across a spectrum of financial markets: 3 stocks, 1 precious object, 1 forex, 1 cryptocurrency, 1 stock market, 1 sector, 1 fixed income, and 1 natural resource. You get a curated selection where I highlight the key bullish and bearish factors, and rate them for the long-, medium-, and short-term. 

Special Reports: These reports (PDF) are the icing on the cake, and are delivered monthly. I will write about a topic that is particularly urgent for investors, and that contain insights you otherwise would have to spend thousands for. My aim is to democratize finance, such that all participants are on an even playing field. Some reports are published as PowerPoint presentations, while others are PDF articles.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have sales or free trials?

Well, you would not to go to a Rolex dealer and ask for trials and discounts. Similarly, this financial newsletter is a product of such high quality and finesse, that I would never stoop to cheapen it.

Who is this for? How much experience should I have?

Subscribers range from inexperienced youth, all the way to seasoned hedge fund managers. What everyone have in common is a strong desire to become more wealthy and influential.

Are you skilled? Can I see your track-record?

I have published many analyses on YouTube, and I feel confident they will answer in the affirmative. Moreover, the best opportunities are first presented to paying subscribers, and most are exclusive.

How would this newsletter perform in a bear market?

I am a proponent of market-neutral portfolios that profit regardless of what happens. That is why I present opportunities across financial markets; highlighting both bullish and bearish strategies. 

How is the research delivered to clients?​

Everything is uploaded to, and its very easy to navigate and download the research by using the link I give you on Patreon. More, they even have a great mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows.  

What is your background?

Academically: Master of Science from BI Norwegian Business School, and Bachelor in Political Science from NTNU. Professionally: Investing, consulting, start-ups and philanthropy.