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Ultra-bearish Implications of this Ongoing Extinction Event

A Politicized Issue

In contemporary debate we have the battle between those who believe in the merits (and importance) of clean energy, and those who think it’s all histrionics. Both sides have good points, but they are also missing the mark by allot. It is apparent that certain cultural and political forces have actively worked, and are working, to make this a contentious topic. Let’s now explore some of the deeper roots and latest buds.

It’s interesting to note that environmentalism was a bipartisan issue before the secularization of the world, where it was tied to religious faith; i.e. preservation of God’s creation. This lasted up to the Industrial Revolution, when both politicians and business leaders silently agreed that “the preservation of God’s creation” was an impediment to growth. We gradually saw religiously minded people leave the field of biology, and it has been in the hands of atheists for the last centuries. Unfortunately, these atheists have done their best to rob nature of all beauty, by heavily promoting its ugly side in order to “stick it to the religionists”.

The topic of “environmentalism” became solidly politicized by the hippies in the 60’s, wherein it crystalized as an issue of the left, and tightly connected to femininity. Some decades later, a former left-winged politician became the most famous environmentalist, i.e. Al Gore. The lefts idea of environmentalism has recently been modified by the Marxist “oppressed-oppressor” dichotomy, wherein overproduction of carbon gasses has become the new “white privilege”, and the road to redemption is to “go green”. We have also seen that mass-migration to the West is framed as a natural result of climate change, which makes the topic even more contentious. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did her part in solidifying the politicization of environmentalism by launching the “green new deal” brand, which is a nod to the social welfare programs of Roosevelt.

Mass-extinction is the Ultimate “Inconvenient Truth”

Environmentalism is a multifaceted issue, for the simple reason that our planet is a highly interconnected system. Hence, one should tread incredibly carefully when trying to simplify it. This is where Al Gore made a big blunder by rebranding the entire issue as “global warming”. A growing number of scientists have distanced themselves from that brand, since it’s a gross simplification of how the climate reacts to carbon. Hence, most contemporaries use the term “climate change” instead

The big weakness with both “climate change” and “global warming” is that they are terrible brands. A brand is supposed to achieve a given results: e.g. Apple ($AAPL) getting you to buy an overpriced laptop or Philip Morris/Marlboro ($PM) making pacifiers for adults. Given the way branding can drastically change behavior, even to the point of the irrational, it’s important to brand things the right way. The problem with how environmental issues has been branded is that they do not instill a sense of urgency, it’s overly specific, and does not accurately and clearly communicate the problem.

However, here comes the inconvenient truth: there is a high urgency, targeted, accurate and clear way to rebrand environmentalism, and that is… “mass-extinction”. While it’s only a meme that 97 % of scientists believe in “global warming”, it’s an actual fact that 100 % of scientists believe we are currently living in the sixth mass-extinction even on Earth; called the “Holocene/Anthropocene extinction event”. The five previous extinction events lead the death of between 75 – 96 % of all creatures, which is pretty bad. Well, here comes the rally bad news; the consensus is that our current extinction event is between 100 – 1000 times faster than “normal”.

The Biggest Stock Market Crash in History is on the Horizon

What do you think is the primary reason we have seen rising stock markets? The steady increase in IQ? NO, we have seen a clear decrease, and the lowest IQ groups are multiplying allot faster than the others! The superb increase in productivity? NO, labor laws are far more pervasive now, which means people work less than ever before. The primary reason why markets have gone up around the world is because of the huge increase in human population. We have gone from around 1 billion people in 1804, which was rational and sustainable, to a whopping 7 billion. That is an increase of 600 %, which of course will have a dramatic impact on the stock markets. Yes, that is the number that rises all boats in the market, and even a mediocre company can benefit from it. Yet, be warned, that also means the ultimate top will soon be in.

We are not the first species on the planet that tried to increase our population size ad infinium, even though resources were limited: the trilobites and the might T-Rex had a rough rendezvous with destiny. And there is no reason to think us humans are not subject to the laws of nature, even though we are denying more principles of biology now than we have ever done before. Case in point, if you look at my LinkedIn profile you will see certain gender and race characteristics, but I could demand that you treat me as a black woman, and I would absurdly have the courts with me. Few things amaze me more than hearing people deny obvious and incontrovertible facts like heritability of biology: a cat will never five birth to a mouse, and an East-Asian couple will never give birth to an African baby.

So, the ecosystem is about to crash, and the time is to go short and hoard gold? No, I am not telling you to do that just yet, but this is a time to spread awareness. Our current increase in population size has done great damage to the ecosystem, with thousands of species going extinct every year, taking all kinds of amazing properties and innovations with them. We are literally and scientifically speaking living in the “end times”. The twisted irony is that atheists pushed God out of biology, but biologists are now the foremost doomsday prophets. The hard top will eventually be in, and that will be the short of the millennium. It will be the big short of all bigly shorts! The only caveat is that it might be so dramatic that you will not be able to enjoy your gains for much at all.

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